Esco Bars Mesh Tropical Rainbow Blast Review

The e-liquids in these disposables have a mesh coil that offers a rich flavor and many puffs. The flavors are mouthwatering and are popular amongst consumers.

The flavors come in a variety of fruity combinations. For example, the Blue Gummy Esco Bars Mesh flavor combines fruity blue gummy and lemon slices for a refreshing combination.

Pink Burst

Featuring a unique pink lemonade flavor with a touch of menthol, this refreshing vape flavor is perfect for those who love candy berries.

Rainbow Esco Bars Mesh Tropical Rainbow Blast tastes like a combination of fruity and candy flavors with a splash of refreshing menthol. The flavor of ripe strawberries and exotic bananas will awaken your senses while the sweet taste of classic rainbow candy gives you that classic carnival flavor.

Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate delivers a delicious blend of tangy blue raspberries and sweet pomegranate. Clear Esco Bars Mesh offers a light menthol flavor that’s ideal for adult vapers who prefer less sweetness and more of a cool menthol experience. Straw Nanners Ice Esco Bars Mesh offers a trifecta of ripe strawberry, exotic banana, and cooling menthol. Fiji Melon Ice Esco Bars Mesh offers ripe watermelon with a touch of ice that’s smooth and satisfying. Mango Guava Ice Esco Bars Mesh combines the exotic flavors of mango and ripe guava with refreshing ice.

Red Apple

The 2500 puff disposable device from Esco Bars provides a generous flavor quantity for a device of this size and features an impressive selection of flavors. From a summertime slightly cool strawberry to lip smacking tart blue raspberry lemon, there’s a flavor to suit a wide variety of palates.

The Esco Bars Mesh Tropical Rainbow Blast has a fruity boost and one of your five-a-day in vape form. For those who prefer a fruit-free flavor, there’s the cool Salted Caramel that’s perfect for dessert lovers. There’s also Watermelon Bubble Gum with a powdered sugar blast and icy watermelon. For a sweet-tooth craving, there’s the Pink Burst which is like everyone’s favorite candy. Or, try the fruity Black Dragon Ice for a powerful punch of citrus fruits. It’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular and affordable devices on the market, flying off shelves in shops across the world. Each disposable is designed in Texas and features a high-intensity integrated battery to deliver 2500 massive puff counts.

Snow Cone Ice

There are countless brands of flavored puff sticks out there that provide vapers with an overwhelming selection of options. However, Esco Bars choose to focus their efforts on the quality of each flavor. This allows them to offer a small number of unique tastes that have become extremely popular with vapers. Providing fewer choices makes it easier for consumers to recall each of the flavors that they enjoy.

Watermelon Bubble Gum is a refreshing summer treat that delivers a sugary bubblegum blast. Orange Limeade is a pairing of fresh oranges and lemon lime soda that is sure to refresh.

This machine is easy to operate, clean, and transport (for a snow cone on the go). It also comes with two ice molds and a non-skid mat to help keep your shaved ice in place. It is the perfect addition to any party or gathering! The Great Northern machine is priced affordably and will quickly pay for itself with the money saved on buying individual shaved ice.


There are many flavored disposable vape brands that come and go, but only few have gained crazy popularity in the vaping community like the flavors from this brand. What makes it different is that they collaborate with other brand names such as Noms and Fruitia to bring more inspiration and creativity in their collection.

These amazing flavors are paired with the first of its kind device that provides users with huge puff counts and a better flavor experience. This pocket-sized, convenient device comes prefilled with a 6mL of e-liquid and has a built-in 1000mAh battery.

The Pastel Cartel Esco Bar Mesh 2500 Puff Disposable Vape features an advanced mesh coil that offers better heat distribution and more flavorful hits. This is the perfect device to take with you on the go and enjoy your favorite Esco Bars flavor at any time of day. This new line of disposables also comes in a variety of different nic salt levels to suit your personal needs.